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About Marabou

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It I (Paul Korolyov) in 2002

First and last name: Paul Korolyov

Trade:               Programmer

Prof. experience:    11 years

Location:            Saint-Petersburg

Resume:              Microsoft Word

Hot countries

In far and hot countries the bird Marabou lives with large - large beak which has no to me of any attitude. And I simply am "similar" on notЈ in a profile.

To hot countries I too have no any attitude, though summer very much I love.

I love art and very long time ago some years played at People's theatre.



Large part of the life I have worked in radioindustrial area, therefore large part of available development and does not represent interest for broad masses.

Though useful completed programs I have not enough, nevertheless you can rummage in mine "a dusty box", something is possible you will interest.

Sometimes started to make for itself any project, but to finish it there was no time, since earned on a piece of bread and lodging for the night. Tried to interest somebody in the ideas, but the another's ideas are necessary to nobody.

To make it is possible any program, but it needs only 3 things: possibility to work without limitations on time, rational organization of work (by operation in the command) and worthy payment.


The book on PCAD

This part of page can be interesting only to users of the system of designing of electronic cards PCAD

One known among radio engineeres the publishing house gathered was 2 years back to manufacture my small book on PCAD with a set of my utilities and source texts on Turbo Pasclal, but gathers till now. The rights on distribution of these good programs belong to publishing house, therefore I can only tell about them.

In the book gives the complete description of the PDF-format, and the program PDF Manager is applied which allows to convert files of this format between 4-th and 8-th versions PCAD with change of units of measurements (inchs, Russian inchs, millimeters).

In the book there are descriptions of formats of all fonts used in the system PCAD (including which have been built - in in EXE-files) and the program PCGERBER. With the help of the enclosed program EditFnt it is possible to create new, to edit existing and to convert of their format in the format.

The widely used format PLT also is described in the book. The utility EditPLT, developed by me, allows to recode characters in PLT the file, and also draw the text by several various soft fonts simultaneously.

At manufacturing electronic boards frequently is used Gerber data format. Mine OptimGBR fast optimizes such files of any length on the shortest paths with deleting of overlapped elements. Also utility has set of additional possibilities permitting to handle the format, somehow. It is possible to look the demo version of the program.

Unfortunately for 8-th version PCAD, under my items of information, the cyrillic driver was not created. To the book the simple cyrillic utility SRP85 is applied which substitutes the English characters of lowercase on Russian characters of the upper case (absence of small characters quite approaches for the majority of cases). The utility is not resident, it simply makes necessary replacements in all necessary files of the package and program PCPRINT, PCPHOTO, PCPLOTS remove the map precisely same, as it is visible on the screen in PCCAPS and PCCARDS.

In spite of the fact that now there is a set power modern Gerber of the editors, sometimes the old program PCGERBER is used. The small program EG allows considerably to improve operation with PCGERBER, having allowed to use the Russian and English font simultaneously. All corrections are made through change of interruptions, itself PCGERBER will not be updated. It is possible to look the demo version of the program.

All offered utilities are written with usage Turbo Pascal 7.0. Knowing, that sometimes various utilities to PCAD are compelled to write the people frequently far from programming, the special chapter of the book constructed in the form of the self-teacher, will allow all wishing faster to clear up programming.

As is now accessible the illegal copy of ACCEL EDA, many users PCAD pass to this system of designing of electronic boards and the book already partially has lost the urgency.



Russian There is a set of accounting programs, but all for experts. It is possible for one half-year to make the accounting program for all.

English In my opinion already it would be time to make so that not the people worked on computers, and the computers worked for the people. Operations above creation of an artificial intelligence be ordered and are conducted, it is possible to take from ready development all real and to move further. On creation of 1-st specimen it can require about 3-x of years of the intense work of group from 10 programmers.

English There is an idea of the original computer game which is not having of clones. It is 2D game with complex behaviour of the simple objects. Main in this game not speed, and responsibility for occurring events. The first version of the game can be created to one approximately for 4 months.

English There is a ready plot for advertising a cellular telephone. But basically by such method it is possible to advertise everything.

Russian I have ready film script of a short film-comedy. Unfortunately, there large mass, so, that the shooting cheap will fail.

English There is an idea of interesting one-serial criminal-adventurous film, which can be created fast and with the small costs.

Russian There is an idea of big film on the Chechen subjects. The operation can develop as soon as in Russia, and in all world. This political hit can will be completed, both it is good, and it is bad, but it will keep nobody indifferent.

Russian There is an idea of multiseries art film based on real lifes the woman with interesting character and her children. The operation is developed from the end XIX of century up to now. The heroes of film are waited by huge love and madness from loss favourite, infinite attempts of improvement of life and durable wanderings on open spaces of Russia on the verge survivals. The revolution does not bring to anybody happiness - she breaks life of the whole generations.

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