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Brief plan of Grozny

Grozny town


Plan of Grozny town

   Regional advice on tourism and excursions.
    Travelling agency and excursions.
    Tourist base "Grozny".
        1. Memorial on a brotherly tomb the soldier of the Soviet Army perished on approaches to Grozny during Great Domestic war 1941-1945.
        2. Monument to the Heroes of civil war N.F. Gikalo, A.D. Sheripov, and G.S. Ahriev.
        3. Bust of the general A.P. Ermolov (usually blew up or each year) spoiled almost.
        4. Monument to the pioneer - scout V. Mordvinov.
        5. Monument V.I. Lenin.
        6. Monument to the firemen who have perished within Great Domestic war.
        7. Monument to the heroes of civil war.
        1. Museum of fine arts of a name P.Z. Zaharov.
        2. Museum of Local Lore (in a nem represented man-made amazing corners of a living nature Northern Caucasus).
        1. The Checheno-Ingush drama theatre of a name Hanpashi Nuradilov (theatre-concert hall).
        2. Russian drama theatre pf a name M.Y. Lermontov (theatre-concert hall).
        3. Theatre of dolls (former building of theatre of a name Hanpasha Nuradilov).
        4.  The Checheno-Ingush state philarmonic society (former building of theatre of a name M.Y. Lermontov, here started path of the actor Leonid Bronevoy).
   Theatre-concert hall.
    Palace of culture of a name V.I. Lenin (there I played at National theatre).
        1. "Dinamo".
        2. Hand-held games VSC "Spartak" (on a nem also popular groups and bands usually acted coming in city on performances: "Zemlane", "Mashina vremeni"...).
        3. "Of a name Ordgonikidze" (football).
        4. "Lokomotiv".
        1. "Caucasus".
        2. "Seagull".
        3. Of the union "Grozneft".
        4. "Actor".
     Servicing deports of:
        1. Petropavlovsk a highway.
        2. Settlement Chernorechie.
    Refueling stations:
        1. N12, Petropavlovsk a highway.
        2. N13, Hankalskaia st.
        3. Settlement Chernorechie.
   Road service stations::
        1. "Central".
        2. "Western".
        3. "Southern".
        1. Central.
        2. Collective-farm.

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