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Grozny in the Internet

Brief plan of Grozny

Brief historical help

At one time it was mine of Rhodinum and Rhodinum of thousand other Russian, thrown on arbitrariness of destiny, which anybody is more and never will see such, what she has remained in our memory


Best video from YouTube

Grozny 1978 (small professional documentary)
Another documentary
Grozny 1990 (car ride on the center)
Grozny 1994 (from a helicopter, and VHS in the center)


Monument V.I. Lenin

Monument V.I. Lenin on the same main square. The sculpture is demolished in 1991.


Former building of ministerial

Former building of ministerial Council Checheno-Ingush ASSR. Per 20 years it there was 2 floor a hotel "Grand-hotel", a modern kind the building has acquired in 1958.


The circular by of a name Ordgonikidze

The circular by of a name Ordgonikidze. The buildings (from left to right) are visible CNS, MIB and CHECHINGGRAGDANPROEKT.


Square "October" (Minutka)

Square "October" (Minutka). Has original star-shaped underground transition.


The central library of a name Chehov

The central library of a name Chehov.


The Checheno-Ingush State university

The Checheno-Ingush State university.


Petroleum institute of a name academician Millionshikov (new and old building)

Petroleum institute of a name academician Millionshikov (new and old building). Former supplier of the experts for an oil refining industry of Caucasus.


Petroleum institute of a name academician Millionshikov (new building)

Petroleum institute of a name academician Millionshikov (new building).


Park of culture and rest of a name S.M. Kirov

Park of culture and rest of a name S.M. Kirov. While Russian could here go for a walk is the best vacation spot in city was valid.


Republican theatre-concert hall
Republican theatre-concert hall (he - new building of Russian drama theatre of a name M.Y. Lermontov and national drama theatre of a name H. Nuradilova). Was present built - in in each seat system of synchronous translation, and a facade decorated colour-music fountains, which were especially good in night time.
Sunga river

Kind on quay of the river Sunga. The city started with this place.


Brief historical help

Grozny - capital of Chechnia (in the past - capital Checheno-Ingush ASSR both large industrial and cultural centre of Northern Caucasus). It is posed in a valley of the river Sunga and on slopes of adjacent heights.

Beginning to city has put incorporated in 1818 by the hero of Domestic war of 1812 by the general A.P. Ermolov on a coast of the river a military fortress under the name Groznaia. Then about her of defensive structures (shaft and ditch) there was a settlement. The places these were a place of the reference to objectionable imperial government of the people. Many here were banished decemberers: N.I. Lorer, A.A. Bestugev-Marlinskiy etc, under pretext of passing a military service - disgraced poets M.Y. Lermontov and A.I. Poligaev. Here in 1826 on business about decemberers was arrested A.S. Griboedov. In 1851 a fortress has visited L.N. Tolstoy. In December, 1869 the fortress for a long time which has lost the military significance, will be converted to city, which in that pore represented a picture rather desolate: the stone constructions almost were not, summer a dust and closeness, in crude weather an impassable mud.

The city Grozny acquires popularity since 1893, when in his vicinities have banged power fountains of petroleum. The inflow of the investments promoted rough growth of an industry, creation Grozny's of proletariat.

Already during the first Russian revolution the city has turned to large revolutionary centre of Northern Caucasus. In 1917-1920 years Grozny's proletariat in commonwealth with mountainous and Cossack's by poor has shown heroism in struggle with counter-revolutionary forces. The invaluable help him rendered ministers and colleagues of V.I. Lenin - S.M. Kirov and G.K. Ordgonikidze. In February, 1924 the proletariat was awarded for heroic participation in the armed struggle against south-Russian counter-revolutionary and operation on restoring of Grozny's petroleum industry Grozny's proletariat with an award of a Red Banner.

Within Great Domestic war Grozny became front city and the site was transformed in power defensive junction. In 1942 the city has undergone to barbarous bombardment of fascist aircraft. Having shown unprecedented heroism and courage, Grozny's continued smoothly to provide the acting army with petrol and lubricant oils. Ditches with petroleum also protected city from enemy attacks.

February 23, 1944 the mass eviction all Chechenes, living on territory of republic began. Behind some days the whole people was loaded in freight-cars and is sent in Kazakhstan. The path was hard and to destination have reached not all.

With 1958 Checenes were return in republic.

In the Soviet time Grozny is a large centre of oil processing and petrochemistry, electric power industry, mechanical engineering and instrument making, large transport site, scientific and cultural centre of republic. In a nem the petroleum and pedagogical institutes more ten research and development and design institutes and establishments, including "Grozgiproneftehim" - one of 3 in Russia of unique institutes on designing oil factories. Average special educational institutions and the technical schools prepared frames for a national economy. In city there were three theatres two a museum, circus, Philharmonic Society, State band of dance "Vainah", a little palaces and Houses of culture, cinemas, libraries two large stadium. Sight of city was dendrary and Grozny sea (large man-made reservoir) - favourite vacation spot of the visitors and city dwellers.

Since 1995 the city is almost destroyed as a result of battle operations. And  so on...

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